Doctoral Studies in the Department of Speech & Language Therapy, University of Patras

The Department of Speech and Language Therapy of the University of Patras offers a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Program and is inviting applications in the subject areas that lie within the research interests and the scientific fields of the Department, either exclusively or in a broader sense, as underlined by the interdisciplinary nature of the current research trends.

The goal of Doctoral studies is the advancement of high quality scientific research as well as the development of scientists capable of contributing to the progress of basic and clinical research in the field of Speech and Language Therapy and, specifically, in areas of Language, Speech, Hearing, Swallowing, Communication, and supporting Technology. PhD graduates are expected to support research, academic, educational and business needs, and enhance the overall development of the country.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements for admission to the Program include:

  1. Accredited Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized institution
  2. Accredited Master’s Degree from a recognized institution
  3. Satisfactory knowledge of English language (B2 level)

The duration of studies for obtaining a Doctoral Degree may not be less than three (3) full calendar years from the date of appointment of the Advisory Committee. The PhD Thesis can be written in Greek or in English. Before applying, the interested students are advised to contact the faculty member of the Department whose research interests coincide with theirs and secure their availability for supervision.

For further information regarding the application process and required documents, please contact: