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Email : egeronikou@upatras.gr




  • Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Human Communication Sciences, University of Sheffield (2016)
  • Master of Sciences in Human Communication, University of London, University College London (2004)
  • Bachelor in Speech & Language Therapy, Department of Speech & Language Therapy, Technological Educational Institute of Patras (2001)


  • 2016–2020: Technical Laboratory Staff Member, Department of Speech and Language Therapy, University of Patras
  • 2017–2019, 2004–2014: Adjunct Instructor, Department of Speech and Language Therapy, Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece
  • 2006–2016: Speech Therapist, Special Education Units, Greek Ministry of Education
  • 2001–2006: Speech Therapist, Private practice SLT


  • Speech processing development in typically developing Greek-speaking children and children with speech and/ or language difficulties
  • Morphophonological development
  • Intervention delivery for children with developmental disorders of speech, language and communication


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