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Email : vgeorgop@upatras.gr


  • Ph.D. Electrical Engineering (concentration in Perception Signal Modeling and Neural Networks). Tufts University
  • Electrical Engineer (post-M.S. degree concentration in Bioelectrical Engineering). Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • M.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (concentration in Communications). Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Diploma Electrical and Computer Engineering (concentration in Electronics and Communications). Democritus University of Thrace


Technology-based tools for intervention; artificial intelligence systems in differential diagnosis for speech and language pathology; Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) technology.



  • SLT_105 Introduction to Statistics and Computing
  • SLT_203  Speech and Hearing Sciences
  • SLT_605 Research Methods & Quantitative Methods of Data Analysis
  • SLT_701 Technology of Speech, Language & Augmentative Communication


  • Interdisciplinary approach to rehabilitation sciences 


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