The Speech and Language Therapy Clinic of the Department is located onsite, within the University campus in Rio.

The Clinic provides assessment, intervention and consultation services available for children, adolescents and adults that experience speech, language, voice and swallowing difficulties.

The Clinic operates during the academic year and supports the student’s clinical education needs. More specifically:

    • Clinic services are free for children, adults and their families and carers. Special attention is given on the optimal collaboration with caregivers.
    • Speech and Language Therapy students observe and/or carry out the clinical sessions under the supervision of experienced clinical faculty.
    • Frequency and duration of sessions are decided by the clinical supervisors. They depend on a number of factors, including the therapy plan, the student training needs, the number of students in each academic year, the number of children or adults that apply for clinical services, and the available time.

Detailed information regarding the available clinical services is provided to the interested parties during the first session, in person.



The clinical supervisors will contact you and inform you on the availability of the Clinic services either in the beginning or later in the academic semester.