The Department of Speech and Language Therapy hosts a Speech and Language Therapy Clinic, within the university campus of Rio. The Clinic supports both clinical education requirements for undergraduate and postgraduate studies as well as research conducted within the Department.

The Speech and Language Therapy Clinic offers assessment and intervention services to children and adults with communication, language, speech, voice and swallowing disorders. Five therapy session rooms have been set up at the premises of the Clinic, suitably equipped for preschool-aged children, school-aged children and adults. Session rooms can be used for individual and group sessions. The facilities of the Clinic include a coordination office, a study area where books, speech-language therapy manuals, assessment tests and intervention materials are provided to be used by students and staff.








The sessions are held as part of the students’ clinical training, therefore, services are provided by students of the Department, under the supervision of Speech-Language Therapists faculty members and technical laboratory staff of the Department. All sessions at the Speech Therapy Clinic are provided free of charge. The duration of each session depends on the nature of the case, usually lasting between 30 – 45 minutes. While the majority of activities and services are held around the academic calendar, various awareness or research activities may run throughout the year.